Dust Suppression System Company

Bench Top Fume Extractor

Product Description

Benchtop Fume Extractors are compact and efficient source-capture systems designed to protect the operator’s breathing zone from harmful fume and particulate generated during a variety of applications, by sitting atop a table or workbench in close proximity to the application being performed.

Our line of Benchtop Fume Extractors features a variety of configurations and air volume capabilities to fit the unique needs of the operator. These units are engineered to quickly pull hazardous fumes and particulate into the filtration system, which is comprised of customized filter media based on the application being performed. Options include HEPA, ASHRAE, ULPA, Activated Carbon, and specialty-blended filter media [i.e. Acid Gas, Mercury, Aldehyde, Ammonia].


  • Aerosol
  • Spray Forensics
  • Laboratories
  • Chemicals and Solvents
  • Medical Pharmaceutical
  • Product Testing


  • Centrifugal Blower,
  • Spark arrester,
  • Spiral Ducts,
  • Dampers
  • Cartridge Filter,
  • Wet type extraction.
  • Position sensors.
  • Actuators.