Dust Suppression System Company

Cyclone Dust Collector

Product Description

The cyclone dust collector was eliminating coarse dust particles, chips, sawdust, and metal dust. The dust enters the cyclone at a tangent and acquires a swirling downward motion as a result of its weight and centrifugal force. The clean air exits upwards, while the dust collects below the trolley-mounted container. For higher flow rates, use a number of cyclones connected in parallel. Also available is a wide range of cyclones with high and medium efficiency.


  • High filtration area.
  • Easy filter replacement (no tool concept)
  • Easy handling of dust drum.
  • Quiet operation.
  • 14 gauge, powder-coated, steel casing
  • Enclosed filter
  • One or Two dust collection drums.
  • Two-way / three-way inlet (optional)


  • Air Volume: 2000 to 3500 CFM
  • Power Supply : 3 Phase / 50 HZ
  • Efficiency : 95 %
  • MOC: Mild steel


  • Mixers, foundry,
  • Food Processing Industry,
  • Paper & Pulp Industry,
  • Sandblasting, Grit & shot blasting
  • Bag tube Packers
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Shake out conveyor,
  • Bins & Bucket elevators,
  • Floor gate, Grinders,
  • Bulk powder processing industry. Etc.


  • Spiral Ducts,
  • Flexible duct,
  • Duct clamp,
  • Dust collection drum (optional)
  • Suction hoods,
  • Centrifugal Blower,
  • Rotary air locks valve,
  • Dampers,
  • Filter bags,
  • Filter canister,
  • Slide gate.