Dust Suppression System Company

Downdraft Dust Collector Table

Product Description

DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM design and manufacturing DownDraft Dust Collector for Grinding, deburring and Buffing dust extraction applications. Industrial Downdraft Dust Collector worktables with built-in ventilation and automatic self-cleaning filter technology to help you safely capture smoke, fumes, debris and dust. These downdraft tables are powered by 415 V / 50 Hz three-phase power and can be customized to your needs. Our downdraft tables are used for welding table fume/dust extraction applications in many industries.


  • Capturing Dust at source from grinding, deburring, polishing, buffing and various grinding applications
  • Low maintenance, Automatic self-filter cleaning system
  • Complies with OSHA Guidelines for the capture of dust and weld fumes
  • More Filtration Area designed with Air to Cloth Ratio as per IS standard
  • High Airflow designed Impeller fan
  • Latest Automatic Filter Cleaning System for Maintaining suction Performance
  • High Suction force
  • Efficient Dust Collection
  • Easy to Disposal of collection dust tray
  • Low Noise Level with additional Silencer unit as per IS standard
  • Heavy Duty Construction with epoxy powder coated.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Supply with High-Temperature Hose & Ducting systems
  • Customized models as per clients’ requirements
  • All Over India & Abroad Installation Support


  • Source Capture ventilation systems are preferred for dilution ventilation of welding fumes.
  • Source Capture Ventilation, Local Ventilation, and general mechanical ventilation (With filtration) can provide long-term permanent solutions.


  • Welding Table Fume Extraction System
  • Centralized welding Booths
  • Plasma Cutting Fume Extraction
  • Spray Painting and Volatile Organic Compound Dust / Fume Extraction
  • Compact Downdraft Booths for Paint Spray Applications


  • Mist eliminators
  • DP Switch
  • Level Switch
  • Float Valve
  • Level Indicator.
  • 2” wheel.