Dust Suppression System Company

Industrial Laser Fume Extractor

Product Description

A laser fume extractor is an ergonomically well-designed extraction system with sturdy construction for your industries. Many laser processing operations including marking, engraving, welding and cutting produce hazardous fumes. DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM fume extraction systems are designed to protect the operator from those fumes and also protect the laser from damage and improve product quality. All our fume Extractors are fully customizable to suit your needs. We are happy to assist you in selecting a fume extraction solution for your laser application. DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM offers different models of source-capture soldering smoke extractors for solder fume control, solder pot fumes and wave soldering fumes. Configurations include bench top, wall-mounted, portable, and floor models. DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM solder fume removal units are efficiently designed such that it has high efficient filtration media including HEPA or activated carbon filter.


1. Built-in silencing

2. High airflow and pressure rates

3. Filter efficiency> 99.97%

4. Low-cost replacement filters

5. Low noise levels

6. Lockable castors

7. Small footprint

8. Filters with long life

9. Filters with low replacement cost

10. Filters provided with High-Efficiency Carbon Filter


1. Odour gas alarm indicator

2. Choking alarm Indicator

3. Air flow adjustment knob

4. Two inlet connection


1. Maintenance door allows easy filter change

2. Safe operation

3. High efficient and more productive

4. Easy to handle