Dust Suppression System Company

Low Price Downdraft Table

Product Description

Low Price Downdraft workbench dust fume collectors are designed as a safe and ergonomic workstation for capturing fumes and dust particles during grinding, plasma cutting, welding, and other mild power handling applications protecting workers from inhaling it.


  • Three-way spark arrester
  • Low Noise level operations fully automatic PLC based filter cleaning system
  • Powerful extraction with integrated fan
  • Easy to operate
  • Large filter surface and long filter lifespan
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reliable, Low Maintenance operation.


Combustible dusts are generated by handling and processing solid combustible materials such as,

  • Aluminum powder coatings
  • Sanding
  • Polishing,
  • Crushing and powdering
  • Grinding,
  • Transporting and shaping etc,.


  • Mist eliminators
  • DP Switch
  • Level Switch
  • Float Valve
  • Level Indicator.
  • 2” wheel.