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Mist Collector

Product Description

In Industry machining oil mist and coolant can be hazardous to health. Oil mist can cause slippery floors and collect on machines, ceilings, walls, and surroundings, thus creating an unpleasant working environment. An oil mist collector is inevitably a very useful attachment that eliminates dust, smoke, etc., generated by a variety of machining applications such as brazing, casting, screw machining, drilling/boring, grinding, milling, and hobbing. Oil mist collectors are the best alternatives to centrifugal collectors, by eliminating the inherent problems of noise, low separation efficiency, and strong vibration. Additionally, oil mist collectors come in various designs, depending upon the application, ranging from small-scale to large-scale. Also, oil mist collectors handle numerous types of oil mist, including mineral oil, water-soluble oil, synthetic coolants, and straight oil. The competence of an oil mist collector depends upon the efficiency of various components, which include filters, gauges, drive fans, sump boxes, dampers, etc.


  • CNC lathes,
  • Machining centers,
  • Cylindrical Grinder,
  • Gear grinding,
  • Electrical processing machine tools,
  • Grinder,
  • Lens grinding machine,
  • Die-casting machine.