Dust Suppression System Company

Oil Mist Collector

Product Description

DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM oil mist collector’s equipment is light, easy to install, and strong structure. The cost of investing in this equipment is actually to reduce production costs. The most important thing is to create a quality working environment that takes into account the physical and mental health of employees.

The oil mist generated by the general processing machine may cause lung, liver, throat cancer and other diseases after inhaling the human body for a long period of time, and may induce chronic eye diseases, skin oil rash, etc. Therefore, the oil mist recovery machine can not only improve work efficiency but also create a comfortable working environment and move forward for tomorrow’s health.


  • Improve the air quality inside the factory.
  • Raise labor’s working efficiency.
  • Separate air and oil from oil mist efficiently.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Absorb 99.5% of 0.3μm particles.
  • Absorb toxic gas generated from the cutting process.
  • The filter is in an annular folding shape, to increase absorbing power.
  • The oil mist collector is easy to install and works for all kinds of oil mist.
  • High efficiency. Small size.
  • Easy to install in small factory areas or machines.
  • Less noise, high absorbing power. Save electricity.
  • Collected oil can be reused 95% after being collected from our product.


DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM oil mist collector is installed in various machining equipment such as

  • CNC machining centers,
  • Washing machines,
  • Die casting machines,
  • CNC lathes, etc.

It will absorb the oil mist in the processing chamber, to purify the air and protect the health of workers. Applicable to grinding machine, gear grinding machine, CNC lathe, CNC integrated cutting machining center, closed semi-closed working space, oil mist purification, and so on.