Dust Suppression System Company

Portable Dust Collector

Product Description:

DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM Portable dust collector is used for the suction of dust and fume from different industrial processes and protect the workplace environment. It is made of painted sheet metal with a robust structure. The polluted air is sucked through the inlet by the suction fan positioned on the clean side.


  • Fully mobile with built-in casters
  • Dust bags are 99% efficient.
  • High filtration area.
  • Easy handling of dust drum.
  • Quiet operation.
  • 14 gauge, powder-coated, steel casing
  • Enclosed filter
  • Two dust collection drums.
  • Two-way / three-way inlet (optional)


  • Grinding and Buffing Machine
  • Wood industries
  • Sandblasting, Grit & shot blasting
  • Planer machine
  • Table saw machine
  • Mixers, foundry
  • For Portable or Stationary Applications
  • Agro Industries
  • Paper Mills
  • Textile Industries
  • Tobacco Processing Industries
  • Food Processing Industries


  • Filter bags,
  • Dust collection drum (optional),
  • Suction hoods,
  • Dampers,
  • Spiral Ducts,
  • Flexible duct,
  • Duct clamp,
  • Slide gate