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  • Wet Downdraft Table

    Product Description Our downdraught table or ventilated workstation is designed to ensure a clean and protected working environment, safeguard your employees, and conform to applicable regulations. Different types of dust are treated. Our grinding table with downdraft and rear wall spark and air fume extraction is a clean and safe solution for industrial use. Features …

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  • Wet Dust Collector

    Product Description DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM Wet Dust Collector system for your safe work environment. This product is designed to capture potentially combustible dust particulate from certain industrial applications using a wet filtration process. When operating, air and dust are drawn into the table, pass through installed ducts, into the Wet Dust Collector’s filtration system, and …

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  • Wet Scrubber

    Product Description The industrial process often generates a large number of exhaust gases, containing different gaseous air pollutants that are hazardous in nature and should be treated well before venting into the atmosphere as per pollution control board norms. DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM Wet scrubber system utilizes absorption techniques to separate pollutant acid gases from exhaust …

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  • Wood Working Downdraft Table

    Product Description Wood Working Downdraft workbench dust fume collectors are designed as a safe and ergonomic workstation for capturing wood fumes and dust particles during grinding, wood cutting, pressing, and other mild power handling applications protecting workers from inhaling it. Features Three way spark arrester Low Noise level operations Fully automatic PLC-based filter cleaning system …

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  • Wood Working Dust Collector

    Product Description Wood Dust Collector is a cleaning and safety environment tool for woodworking equipment and the leather goods manufacturing industry. In wood industries, fine dust is created in large amounts and it is very harmful to workers inside the factory. DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM designs & manufactures custom-made Dust Collector for wood-based industries like furniture …

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