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Dust Suppression Systems Co introduces state-of-art Dust Suppression & Control System technology in India for various verticals and applications including Manufacturing, Industrial, Construction and Mining applications. We design, manufactures, Consults and integrates dust suppression system for our customer through out India.

Dust suppression solutions can be offered in different ways depending on the size and the type of dust particles. Our dust control technology ensures an optimal approach to both odor and dust problems by producing fine water particles that effectively trap the dust and settles down the dust particles effectively making the work environment better for employees as well as the environment. 

Our Dust Suppression System is designed in accordance with industry standards. With our own R&D, production and after-sales provide the perfect solution to solve your dust problem. we provide the best solution to the dust problem. We use high-pressure water fogging which creates a fine fog consisting of very fine water droplets (less than 10-micron size) in diameter. These tiny water droplets absorb even the smallest dust particles in the atmosphere without making the ground wet and best suited for dusty environments.

We offer systems as per customer requirement for both indoor and outdoor areas. Our Industrial Dust suppression solutions are proven, result oriented and effective in meeting the Polution control boards Standards.

Advantage of Dust suppression System:
  • Custom installations can reduce dust to required levels, for environmental and worker safety standards.
  • Smallest droplets give maximum dust control.
  • Inexpensive to operate: Low water and electricity consumption save running costs
  • Low Operating & Maintenance Cost,  Operating at 1000 PSI.
  • Low Maintenance: With no moving parts in the fogger, you will have years of reliable low- maintenance operation. (<10 micron)
  • Reduces PM-10 levels in open plant areas by 50% or more – Will remove much of the finer dust particles – Safer than bag houses. No fire hazard – Can be used in high humidity conditions – Cools workers on jobs where hot-dry air is a part of work environment – Traps dust particles without over-wetting material.

  • Power Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Stone Crushers
  • Ash handling plants
  • Coal handling plants
  • Mines
  • Material handling facalities
  • Coal wagon tipler system
  • Hoppers and jaw crushers
  • Converyor belts and transfer points
  • Crushers and screens
  • Indoor material handing units and sheds

Water based Wet and Dry Dust suppression System:

  • Wet dust suppression system uses bigger particle of water to suppress dust.
  • Dry dust suppression system uses micron sized particle of water to suppress dust.


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