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Wet Fog Dust Suppression System

Misted air has the adaptability to stifle dust and scents in territories where extraction is basically unrealistic or reasonable.

At present mist-air is utilized in large number of assembling and reusing applications, smothering dust from wood, block, soil, concrete, paper, gypsum, debris, glass, biomass, coal, and so forth utilizing just water. Very fine fog is blown by hardened steel fans into the air, smothering rising dust and keeping it from getting airborne.

Dust particles are drawn to the fog, making them settle, and keep them from remaining airborne, so is ideal for halting dust made during tipping, container stacking, destroying, screens, air blades, transport move focuses, bulker stacking and so on. Floors, hardware and stock, stay totally dry and faculty can work in the fog without getting wet.

Water and electricity utilization is low and a whole structure can be treated with only a couple liters of water each hour. This system can likewise convey a smell retaining arrangement into the fog, for scent control. All parts are made from treated steel or non-ferrous materials which guarantee consumption free activity.

The industry utilizes old design solutions for dust suppression, for example, low pressure water system systems and electrical charge suppression systems. The generally utilized low-pressure models uses a lot of water making the work site grimy and sloppy and electrical charge systems are normally extravagant, space hoarding and muddled to utilize. Dust Suppression Systems Co gives new effective arrangements to swap old innovation for better outcomes. A viable dust molecule restricting, minimal size and low water utilization just as focusing on the dust suppression to address the issue.

Dust Suppression Systems Co utilizes high pressure water fogging which makes a ultrafine fog comprising of fine water drops between 20 – 50 microns (Characterized as wet Fog) in width. These minuscule water drops ingest even the littlest dust particles noticeable all around; yet tumble to the ground without wetness; appropriate for dusty conditions.

Advantages :

Low Initial Cost, Low Operating and Maintenance Cost. Dust Suppression Systems Co requires no expensive air blowers, making the underlying cost lower than a ventilation type control system. Dust Suppression Systems Co can be introduced for as little as 60% of the ordinary filter channel type system. It can work on just five percent of the absolute energy of an ordinary system.

Dust Suppression Systems Co field insight and die hard commitment settle on it the lone decision for the most dependable and successful dust suppression systems.

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