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Plain Water Dust Suppression System


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Plain Water Dust Suppression System

Residue Suppression System carries best in class innovation to the troublesome and expensive assignment of controlling residue at coal dealing with and smashers. It’s anything but a super fine water haze that viably draws in and holds dust particles so they can be all the more promptly eliminated from the work place and other ecologically touchy regions. In a regular application the system can likewise convey scent killing specialists.

How It Works 

Residue Suppression System utilizes high pressing factor water misting which makes a super fine haze comprising of fine water beads (under 5-10 micron size), (Characterized as Dry Fog) in distance across. These little water drops ingest even the littlest residue particles noticeable all around, yet tumble to the ground without wetness. It is especially appropriate for all dusty conditions.

Our Dry Fog System (DFS) conveys .06 to 0.18 liters for every spout each moment. In an average circumstance—.05 grams of residue for each cubic foot of airspace – there would be, out of nowhere, multiple times more water particles than dust particles (this is expecting both have a similar thickness). Cooler Temperatures, Higher Productivity, Reasonable to work, lightweight and smaller, the framework can be set up in a couple of hours, rapidly giving a more secure, more agreeable climate while diminishing work costs. Our Dust Suppression System can be a major cash saver.

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