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Downdraft Table Dust Suppression System

What is Downdraft Table?
In short, you can use a downdraft table to keep your work area clean when doing any small tool work. As a result they are popular with woodworkers. This is because when sawing or sanding, a downdraft table can collect dust and small debris. Typically constructed from steel and using a powerful motor, a downdraft table can make working much more efficient. Additionally, many downdraft tables include perforated steel table tops and large filters to protect the motors. These units are often called downdraft extractors, or grinding tables. Altogether they can be called downdraft systems.

Downdraft Table Design
Downdraft systems mostly come in two types: stand up or sit down. Which one you choose depends on your specific use. Another characteristic is the motor. In general, the more powerful the motor, the more airflow you can produce. The resulting power is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). Larger airflow means that the unit can quickly draw dust and debris into the hopper. An important consideration is the downdraft table top. A properly perforated top is important. Perforations that are too large or too small will impact airflow as well as limit what debris can be pulled into the table hopper.

  • Welding – Ideal capture-at-source equipment for heavy duty welding applications like stick welding, MIG and TIG welding.
  • Deburring – Using quality capture-at-source equipment is the only effective way to eliminate fine dusts from the environment when abrasives are used to deburr, polish or finish fabricated materials.
  • Grinding – When grinding metals or plastics, a well-ventilated downdraft table will remove dust particles at the source and greatly improve air quality.
  • Sanding – Sanding applications are common with wood, metal or plastic, and containing the dust that’s produced is crucial to a safe workplace.
  • Cutting – Plasma cutting applications can produce toxic fumes, gasses and particles, but a high quality downdraft table provides a safe and efficient solution.
  • Mixing – When combining granules or powders in an industrial workspace, maintaining air quality is challenging, but a well-placed downdraft table makes all the difference.