Dust Suppression System Company

Airborne dust is a common byproduct of various industries naturally and artificially. In situations of high winds and regions with extensive human activities, dust generation is very common and increasingly alarming. While the most common practice of Dust suppression is achieved with the use of water, this may not always be a cost effective, eco friendly or Dust suppression is often practiced with the use of polymer emulsion soil stabilization. This application is primarily used in the mining industry as well as any heavy industries such as petroleum refining, crude oil and gas extraction etc. polymer emulsions can be used to stabilize haul and access roads that connect industry sites.

Soil stabilization is the most effective way of dust suppression for a construction site. Acrylic polymers can be used to achieve the desired soil stabilization levels that will further help in preventing soil erosion and improve the water infiltration. These dust suppression polymers improve the overall physical properties of the soil by increasing its compression strength, load bearing capacity as well as volume stability. These polymers help in dust suppression by providing a durable and cost saving solution for dust control and have long term effects that can prevent any future accidents or damages.

While water and chlorides are the most common modes of dust suppression they are often seen as very temporary dust suppressants as the help to bind soil particles and prevent airborne dust only for a short period of time. They have their own set of disadvantages like water needs to be reapplied multiple times frequently and in hotter months it may not be as effective as expected. Chlorides are considered to be cheap and very easy to use but are highly damaging and corrosive to vehicles and other metals that may be present in the area. They also require frequent application.

Acrylic polymers have various advantages like long lasting dust suppression results, no frequent re application, prevention of erosion, reduction of aggregate dust levels, increase in compression of roadways strength ad well as cost benefits as compared to other modes of dust suppression. Hence, acrylic polymers are strong and affordable solutions for dust suppression that can stand against wind, water and other natural forces of erosion that can not only prevent any accidents and damages but also help in boosting the soil strength and overall wellness. Once water is evaporated from the soil, liquid polymers maintain the moisture levels on a dust particle that help in the reduction of emission of fine particles that can extend the effectiveness as compared to traditional modes of dust suppression.

The most common industries to implement the use of dust suppression polymers are mining fields, energy production, construction and demolition, military, transportation and oil & gas production. The polymer solutions easily adapt to general water spraying systems and are hence among the most flexible modes of dust suppression.

Depending on the needs of the particular area and the specifications of the externally influencing factors the right kind of dust suppression method can be employed.