Dust Suppression System Company

Dust refers to the fine airborne particles that are present in a location which can spread due to winds. Since the particles are very minute and tiny, they can easily move from one place to another and are the main cause of air pollution. Constant and continuous exposure to dust can easily harm a person’s health and lead to long term health ailments that may or may not be curable.

Suppressants are commonly used to control dust on unpaved roads, construction sites, mining fields, oil and gas production units and demolition sites. Chlorides are commonly used to prevent and eliminate dust from spreading, but there are more efficient and environmentally friendly choices available that can be employed based on the needs and suitability of the area.

A chloride refers to a salt-based inorganic compound that is used to trap dust particles and ensure they do not spread. Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are the most commonly used compounds for the purposes of dust control, providing a similar level of effectiveness with minor differences in application, ability to absorb moisture and results.

Chlorides are among the more popular dust suppressants available in the market. They are cheap and easy to use, and provide a quick and convenient solution to most dust control problems that are faced in various industries. However, chlorides are not the most durable products and their environmental impact can cause some serious operational issues which may lead to procedure hinderances and property damage.

While the active use of chlorides can serve to effectively manage dust under some situations, their drawbacks should give some insight as to considering to purchase a dust control program.

Both the types of chlorides perform similarly and their ability to keep roads and sites without dust is very similar, however calcium chloride can be used in both solid as well as liquid form while magnesium chloride can be used only in liquid form.

The main advantage of using calcium chloride and magnesium chloride as compared to water and other traditional modes of dust control is the cost effectiveness and efficiency in application. They can easily provide long term solutions for surfaces that are not used very often. They are also extremely effective in climates of low humidity and very less precipitation.

Using pellets made of calcium chloride can help in keeping dirt and dust out from the air and prevent it from flying for long periods of time. These chloride pellets are generally not toxic and are safe to be used even in areas that are used by animals and children. Using these pellets can be very helpful to control the particulates on dirt, gravel and all forms of unpaved roads. They are the perfect solution for dust suppression in residential, commercial as well industrial purposes.

Hence, based on the needs and suitability of the location and people present living and working in and around the area, the right kind of pellets can be used to suppress dust in the long run.