Dust Suppression System Company

What is dust suppression?

Dust Suppression refers to the external application of water and chemicals, either to the body of material to prevent fine particles from being carried off into the air due to winds or to the air above the material to return fugitive airborne fines back to the floor. Successful implementation of dust suppression can help in preventing the airborne particles from causing health issues to humans, animals as well as interference in crop growth and plantation developments. Dust suppression can also prevent these unwanted particles from reaching water bodies such as lakes, rivers and streams and prevent sediment layers that not only contaminate water making it unfit for consumption but can also interfere in the quality of life for aquatic creatures.

While dust suppression can be reduced by reducing pollution causing activities such as global warming, excessive use of motor vehicles, covering unpaved roads etc. the simplest and most sustainable mode of dust suppression in the long run can be employed with dust suppression additives and chemicals.

Advantages of dust suppression additives:

  • Reliable and efficient mode of dust suppression that has scientifically shown successful results in controlling dust levels.
  • Non-corrosive to any surfaces, metals or bases that can lead to long term convenience in use and maintainability.
  • Increases the life time usage of equipment and machinery that is used in and around the area for construction, mining etc.
  • Once the usage and process of application is learnt and understood, the dust suppression additives can be easily applied to any location with little to no damage or risks.
  • Dust suppression additives have a long bonding cycle and can show effective results for prolonged periods of time.
  • Eco friendly, biodegradable and safe for regular use without causing any hazards to humans, land or water bodies which are present in and around the area.

Chemicals of dust suppression additives:

Dust suppression additives are generally made of calcium chloride or magnesium chloride, both of which are already commonly found in the ground occurring as natural materials in the land. Using the liquid formulation of these chemicals can help in making the dust suppression additives extremely compatible with any surface of land or metals without leaving visible marks or corrosive side effects. Chemical dust suppressants can be used for dusty and unpaved roads, construction sites, mining sites, demolition sites and any other locations where airborne dust can create major life threating problems.

Dust suppression additives permanently get absorbed into the soil where they ensure that even the smallest of dust particles are held down and do not fly away. These dust suppression additives do not evaporate easily or form a visible overlining crust making it a long and durable solution for dust suppression. It is environmentally safe and also very cost effective as compared to traditional methods of dust suppression. These substances will not cause any stickiness to the land area by over absorption of moisture or excessive dampening of soil. It is the perfect balance between harsh components as mild water usage for successful dust suppression making it the most commonly used and preferred choice.