Dust Suppression System Company

Coal mines across the globe face the problem of dust suppression that has not been solved and dealt with properly. This poses major health and safety hazards for workers making it very risky to work in coal mines for long periods. Exposure to high levels of dust for prolonged periods of times can cause respiratory, visual and oral ailments that may lead to long term deuteriation in the health of the workers.

A major breakthrough in this field has been the introduction of negative pressure secondary dust removal techniques that have made working in coal mines much safer for people. A negative pressure field is formed in the dust suppression device by the mounting of high-pressure water on to the shearer. Dust air around the shearer drum is absorbed into the device by a negative pressure field.

An ultrasonic dust suppression system uses water and compressed air to produce micron sized particles of water droplets that can be suppressed in the coal fields. The negative pressure secondary dust removal techniques can be used in shearer dust suppression areas while the ultrasonic dust suppression can be used in areas of transportation positions.

Past research and development have led to the successful implementation of flooded bed dust scrubbers that can be easily integrated into the mines to capture and remove airborne dust particles that is generated in the coal fields. Studies show that this technique of dust suppression can successfully capture over 90% of the dust and act as an ecofriendly mode of dust suppression.

Such dust suppression methods are highly effective with a simple application structure that are widely used and accepted with their cost benefits and levels of reliability.

The high concentration levels of coal dust produced in open pits or underground coal mines can lead to dust explosions as well as gas explosions that can cause high losses to property as well was personnel working in the mins. Controlling and reducing the levels of dust generated in a coal field is not only important for meeting the government regulations for dust standards but can also drastically and strongly influence the standards of working for the miners and members working hands on in a coal mine.

Coal dust particles are generated in various ways during the production process such as drilling, blasts, loading, mining’s, transportation and utilization as well. The degree of coal dust generated in each case is based on various external factors that directly influence the intensity of dust suppression modes that need to be employed.

These mines make use of measures such as ventilation dilution, spray suppressions and stabilization modes to prevent the generation of dust. Using water spraying techniques is the simplest and most commonly used mode that is very easy to maintain and cost effective. However, water may not always be the right mode to control dust and certain additives and chemicals may be required to gain the desired efficiency of dust control.

Our team of highly experienced members can help find the right mode of dust suppression based on the suitability of other external influencing factors.